Thee Angels are here for you

In 1998 SOURCE gave Tasha the idea to create a company that would umbrella many levels of metaphysical works.

  • Those who needed to learn their God given gifts, a place to learn them are welcome here – a safe place
  • Those who needed life coaching
  • Those who want to use their gifts and just need a little support
  • They give Clairvoyant Readings, if you prefer a different type there is an angel to do it for you
  • They give healing to individuals
  • They make hand made healing jewelry
  • They make healing grids to help you prosper
  • We all assist YOU in healing via many ways. Perhaps you need some herbal and crystal healing together?

Many things can be attained in a short time if you are focused and remember to put your spirit first in all matters.

Where the mind goes the behind follows Tasha quotes her mentor (Iyanlana Vanzant), and she is so right.


As of 3/28/11 You can call me Doc T.

Thank you Charlene Lerch for this great honor.

Institute of Divine Philosophical Science
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Rev. Doc.  Harris

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