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Are you ready to be a more spiritually aware???

In this two month course you will learn:

How to ‘tune in’. What is that Tash?

How to meditate (SHORT) so you can then learn, to be still and
what the difference is in both.

How to learn what your gift is. (if you don’t know now)

How to use your gift for your betterment in this life.

How to use your gifts for or with others.

Who are some of your guides and how they relate to you in this life

How do you tell your story of coming to the desire of using your gifts

How to do your own guided meditation

How to protect yourself from others and them from you



There is homework with these weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) lessons. You must turn in your assignments weekly.

This course will have open group sessions for us all to learn things with each other as a class.

We will have at least one call in session.



This is not something to take lightly at all.  If you think you are not sure of your desire  do not join this class.  I only want those that are sure they want to help themselves and then maybe help others learn and grow in the realm of spiritualism.

If you do not totally believe in something higher than yourself (no matter what you call it)  please consider just joining 2 Minutes with Tasha instead.

If you feel you are to busy to do the homework and turn it in weekly…do not join.



I have made many videos for you to get more about this course.

Please direct all your questions to tasha



Love yourself  by  knowing ALL about you and your guides/teachers/angels. They are just as happy to know you.


Thank You
Dr. Rev. Tasha La-Nee’ Harris

Part of your many supplies that will be  provided to you upon enrollment.



(this will be updated the closer we get to class time. Please save this link-students)


This is a non-refundable class.
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