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Processing New Lessons

I attracted  several years ago now, a man that is so wise and wonderful I really didn’t know just what a special angel I had on my  hands.   One of my best teachers  god could LOAN to me this … Continue reading

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How to save time instead of letting it overwhelm you

    I know it’s challenging to stay focused, let alone focused on all the billion things you need to do in life and work, family, life’s challenges.  Let’s all choose to do better and do different things in life … Continue reading

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Just do it – – the secret – – healing grids

    I know we all need help and a way out. Some of us just need a tiny break in life. Maybe you just need something to help you feel better. You can have anything your heart desires….yes you … Continue reading

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Edgar Cayce coming thru


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wow been 2 yrs ago I started CRYSTALS 101

  I still do   CRYSTALS 101  on this site just SEARCH  101 in the bar above right on any page. I also get info from THE CRYSTAL BIBLE  by Judith hall My favorite is from my teacher  Hibiscus Moon Crystal … Continue reading

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Sunset meditation for Dolly


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