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Dear Tasha,

Thank you. Without knowing it, you’ve supported my dreams and moved me

into action. I cannot recall how I first ran across your videos on

Youtube, but I’m certainly glad I did. Somehow you’ve voiced exactly

what I’ve needed to hear or gave me a supportive invisible shoulder. I

don’t have a familial support network, and in many ways your encouraging

words of “go love yourself” and “I love you” have substituted for those

missing links.

My husband and I started living our passion, thanks to a big push from

you. We dreamed of starting a bakery, but it was never the right time,

place, or moment to do so. We hit a crossroad and we bet it all and took

a leap and moved from Illinois to North Carolina and put everything into

our dream. Every last ounce of energy and dime. We opened a vegan

bakery. We are still new (just opened in Jan.), and it is challenging,

but we aren’t letting fear hold us back.

I wanted to write and say thank you. I hope you don’t find this note too

odd…lol but I assume you might get this more often than one might

think. Thank you for being an inspiring soul. Thank you for reaching out

to another being, even ones you have no idea are listening. Thank you

for sharing yourself and empowering others to move ahead.

I’d love to send you out a sweet package, so you let me know if you’d

like one and where I can send it. I know you’ve cut back, but if yes,

let me know what you like. You can check us out at

Thank you, Tasha. I’m listening. May abundance be bound to you.

Much love from your friend,

Jeannie Striegel

PS: These are my favorite Tasha-isms

Do you pay my rent? I ain’t worried about you.

Don’t write to me about that.

No shame in my game.

Something all together other. <— I say this way too much now.


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Hazelmist123 has made a comment on Healing yourself form things like depression WITHIN REASON:

Tasha , I am watching this on 4/7/12,
Thank you so much I have been so ill for so long Doc say this Doc say that now I have a whole list of ills and they want to give me a pill for everything but, you taught me and gave me a wonderful gift Thank you I am going to do what you said and I am going to heal myself. Doctor are important but I need to for me .. love you Dawn
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