Angel Life Coaching – Love you Fix You Let it go !!!

For those of you that need just a little nudge once or twice a week and then  follow your dream to get you the rest of the way. (If you are not wiling to give your all, pls don’t join.)


Package includes:

* Daily txt – positive and upbeat reminders (USA)

* Daily emails from  myself and other  agencies that help you stay focused.

* Personal emails with mini readings just for you.

* With your permission – I’d love to send you toys…yes  toys  simple things  to remind you that you are a child, just older. (If you live in the U.S.A.)
(we all need  some little surprise to make us smile.)

* MP3’s full of encouragement and love to spur you on to your new brighter path

* A 48 day program designed by spirit for you to help you learn to … LET IT GO  and have a happy  and successful life. (First 3 days I create your private calendar)

* NO LONGER $300.00   HOW ABOUT $75.00 – 48 days of  re-working  re-thinking  re-doing things you thought you  had forgotten.


PayPal payment click here.




This is what you will be  receiving when I e-mail you..tailored to your goals.

Getting a reading.

ATG Course








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