Your Virtual Administrative Assistant

Let me work two hours a day for you, doing that one thing you don’t like.

A few years ago I started helping people in their business, because I love helping others grow. Nothing big just a email her or there, a call here of there, ordering supplies and so on.

So now I do this as a profession and I love it. I love helping you build your business and thrive.

I have several packages and we can work on one that is right for you.

SET UP FEE is $50.00 then I send you the passwords, since they are your accounts. When you get a question I simply forward it to you personal email so you don’t have tons of  nonsense emails going to your personal account. I would not feel comfortable asking for your personal passwords.

$50.00 / week package.  I set up..Gmail, YouTube, twitter, Google plus accounts and post all your business links to those. Yes, even if you already have them. More views = more numbers.(80posts per day)
You wont have all those password emails going to your email the will go to the one i set up for you and after set up is finished I give you your passwords, should you have the desire to go into your own accounts.

Also I make a folder for you on my Pintrest and post for you from there

$60.00 /week package.   In addition to  above,  ads (not only on Craig’s List but others).
Create a  yahoo group with only posts from you but there is no cost like a newsletter using MAILCHIMP or the like.

$70.00 / week package.  In addition to the above two packages. I will create you a squeeze page(one page precise web site)  with one or two specific items you are promoting this week/month. Also a two minute commercial or trailer made supporting you.


I can create a variety of packages just right for your needs.
Yes I do other things as well.
Email lists
Video Trailers for your products


Thank you for allowing me to help you create residual income.
















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