Testimonial – I am so so blessed to work with great people

THANK YOU T~  It is an honor to work with you.
It is a pleasure to be a human telephone to serve and spread love.




Hey Miss Tasha!

How have you been? You’re new place is beautiful, it reminds me of what I’ve dreamt up for myself when I get a little older. I love simple life, open space and animals. Lol

Last September you gave me a reading and a lot of what you said has came true already and the people you said were protecting me (those that have passed on) have shown me now that they are with me . . . I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

You warned me that there was a lump that I needed to go to the doctor about but that everything would be okay. Well, in January I found a lump in my armpit while in the shower, I ignored it thinking maybe it was an ingrown hair. In the first week of march I got the flu (thanks to the universe doing ME a huge favor), I was laying down on my side and I slid my bra off and found a lump on my right breast that I would have never found during a self check. I never check that far back, it was almost right where the underwire is!

I made an appointment the next day with my doctor and long story short (if that’s not too late already lmao) the one lump turned out to be a smaller one HIDING A BIGGER ONE, It has been diagnosed as breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2, grade 3!

I started chemotherapy last Friday, I have to do 8 treatments all together then afterward I’m getting a lumpectomy and then radiation!

I hadn’t been to ANY doctor appointment since I was 12, but you told me to get over my fear and go because something serious but that could be taken care of was brewing and I THANK YOU, MY HUSBAND THANKS YOU, MY MOTHER THANKS YOU AND MOST OF ALL MY 3 CHILDREN THANK YOU!

I don’t know what I was scared of all those years but I’m over it now with a vengeance lol and I KNOW I will be ok, I’VE LEARNED FROM YOU to tell myself everyday that I am in perfect health and I will be just FINE! THANK YOU.

You’re an amazing woman and I wish you MANY amazing things to come! You are a blessing!



LOVE On You!

– T





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