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Gregory is currently the chair and founder of Light Giver International Association, a non-profit group that maintains a healing website ( He is also the founder of the Master Universal Healer program (, and accepts clients on a very limited basis. Over the last twenty years, Gregory acquired expertise in several non-touch healing arts intended to support physical, emotional and spiritual development. He uses a unique “declare and inventory” approach toward the rapid recognition and holistic resolution of life problems in one or two sessions. These are available individually or in group. On this show, he will explain how to use the light giver website for healing and spiritual advancement. He will share simple techniques and practical ways to live a clear, purposeful and spiritually uplifted life that translates quite simply into “Awakening” and/or “Divine Presence.” Some describe these as Soul, Self-Realization or even God Realization. Listeners that call in may receive direct healing experiences and spiritual upliftment as a result of Gregory’s coaching and energy work.




A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of receiving a healing from Gregory Scott. Not only was it a harmonizing process, it was warm, enlightening and very serine process that I have never had before in a healing.

He started out slowly  with great instruction on how the process would progress. I felt greatly as ease. his voice is melodic and easy to listen to.

He steered me through his process of healing and working through my small kinks in my chakra, cleaning one by one.

Gregory walked me thru the next phase of his program and asking permission each time to ensure that I felt comfortable with each and every step.

This process is just that. For those that truly seek  a deeper  richer  experience with  self, spirit, awareness of being  better; I would strongly recommend this type of healing for your well-ness. For your spirit and growth it would be a truly great thing for us all that wish to have a greater understanding of ones self.

Once I was through the process I felt light, my headache was gone, my vision brighter, my spirit light and easy.

The healing took about an  hour (I believe longer) but time FLEW by and Gregory made me feel so comfortable that I have no true idea how long we took.

As a Reverend & Dr. of Metaphysical Sciences, I need to stay in balance and in Divine order and this is how I choose to do it.

If you have seen my 3000 videos on my many You-tube channels, I hope you have grown to trust my judgment on things that are good for your soul. Gregory Scott is one.

I am thankful that we found our way together so that now, I can continue to heal others as I am healed and whole.

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