Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards vs Tarot..?

Are Oracle and Tarot deks different? I asked my Spirit son Ryan Haugen.  This is  his wise answer.  What is yours?  (Please leave a comment on the site.)

They are to a point. They still fall under the category of cartomancy.

However the tarot has two arcanas or books the major and the minor. Its also where the playing card deck derived from.

You have the four suits and the numbers 1-10 and the court cards. The major deck is comprised of 21 cards or 22 cards like in my deck with the extra Temperance card.

Essentially he’s not wrong (previous convo) to say they are different because the tarot is more complex full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Hebrew, gematria, the Tree and astrology. A lot of if not most oracle decks never go this deep. Some have some top notes of these subjects like the imperial dragon oracle deck.

Oracle decks a lot like Doreens have the phrases and meanings write on them. There are also fewer cards then the tarot. A lot of times they will center around a certain energy or entity.

They are also used to give quick yes no answers. I like using them myself however they do not go deep enough and really only tell a couple stories, while one tarot spread can tell you 5 or 10 stories.

A benefit to the oracle is to the novice client or reader they give a more straightforward answer, sometimes in my opinion, the answer the client wants, but that’s all situational.

The last thing I don’t like about oracle cards they are all bright and happy and everything is toned up in the world as opposed to the tarot. The tarot is rough. Supposedly it hurts highly sensitive people. Not to mention the fact that the original rider deck shows the scenes of our lives in symbolism. That’s why there are no words in except what the name of the card is. But because the tarot can be so.harsh is why they people have moved away from it cause the can’t handle or accept the truth that teaches.

Oracle cards are nice but tarot is better when it comes to fleshing the junk out. Both methods have there ups and downs. Tarot can just too complex for some people, or they can’t wrap their mind around the devil card because they just came from the Christian tradition. People dismiss things all the time mostly when they are trying to come into and alternative lifestyle. But what they don’t realize is that both worlds are interconnected. So they miss the deeper meaning of things which can also make them ineffective at reading the cards. However there are some that use it to scare people and put the death card on the top of the deck. Play games and give phoney predictions. But like I said both have there pros and cons.


Thank you Ryan for my  great and wise insight on  all levels of these tow types of card readings. I greatly appreciate you for the time you take to teach us….different things.


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