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Many of us were not as fortunate as I, to have not one but three great teacher of metaphysics.
My wonderful mother, her mother and my other grandmother. They all are/were great readers and healers in their time.
Being raised in the Unity church/Christian Science church, my mother knew there had to be more. Though we already were taught dreaming and how to interpret them, had visits nightly from spirit and so on.
When I was sixteen we met Rev. Annie Zitlow, an inter-transitory medium. Annie taught us how to give readings with clarity and assurance in what I was saying is not me but spirit using me like a telephone.
I did readings and healings in granny’s church and I learned to get over my fears quickly. We would sit each week in her upper dark room while having a séance. Our teachers and loved one came in and told use things we needed to know to improve our spirit reason for being here. I was at first shocked to hear my mother’s mother tell me I was clairvoyant and a healer. At first I didn’t wish to do it, I was young and scared. Granny told me after the séance I would be happier if I just told the friend at school what his father told me to say. I was so scared and vowed not to. The next day my throat became swollen, so much I couldn’t talk or barely breathe. So of course I opted to tell him. Once I did my throat went back to normal. After that one experience I never held anything back.
I am much older and I am happy I know that spirit is all that truly matters. When I choose to do this I get my highest good all the time. When I take TASHA out of the situation and let my spirit take control, things always work out for the highest good for all. It doesn’t matter if I am looking for a dress or a new friend; I ask the great unseen healing force to bring to me what I need to learn next in this lifetime. Not forcing or being judgmental about the outcome. I ask and I just wait for the best in that situation to appear.


Meditation is the key to all gifts and using them faithfully. We all start the same, slowly and steadily. Before we know it we are feeling things. With steady and consistent practice of working longer on meditating we begin to find our teachers, guides and loved ones to help us learn what it is we seek while in meditation. Be it getting the reason why we did a thing or getting the correct herbal formula to our illness. We all have the answers in us already.
Now when I or my kids that I teach, sit down we can BE-STILL for nearly an hour. We walk with our loved ones and bring back the accurate information that spirit has given us to tell others.
Nothing is ever easy the first time. However, once we endure then it is easier and easier. We begin to see the importance of how big our spirit is and how unimportant the small things are; like how a person may look, or the lesson a boss taught us. Peace is in us and we control our own happiness or unhappiness by choosing a spirit path and allow that to flow with our human path.
I am very happy to use my gifts the universe provides to access to on a daily basis.
Spirit is all that matters, and then the rest takes care of itself.





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