Healing Crystal Kits

My guides gave the order to create these boxes and pouches of  beauty and healing.

Happy I listen to my guides and teachers. Now have a peek at my great passion.

EMAIL ME NOW  FOR YOURS (tashaspeaks@gmail.com)

I always post to  FACEBOOK the latest boxes I get in…keep  up.

Each box is different and healing meant for the person requesting it.

I meditate and ask my guides which stones you need, I pack them up, make your video and ship them out to you priority mail in the U.S.A.  I then smudge everything before I ship it to you.


1healing crystal kit by  tasha harris


crystal healing kits by tasha harris


crystal kit by tasha harris

Crystal Healing boxes by  tasha harris

Call me for yours  right now!!!!!!  408-357-3885
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