Therefore keeping others out of my energy, vampires.

First in all situations you just  BE STILL.  focus on what you want to happen.
Lets just take five minutes and put  some positive energy on yourself, then your loved ones in the home, then your full house/yard area.

Shopping list:
Charcoal Tabs,White ceremonial sage, ash trays from the thrift store, candles – white black- red- pink,
rose quartz, clear quartz black tourmaline, and citrine, amethyst and Dragons Blood if you can get it.
Get enough crystals to leave some in your purse and on your body and at your sacred space.

1- get some sage for cleaning your home.
2- get tin pans and something that will hold heat and put under the tin pans that will hold the sage to burn it IN EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOME.
3- close up the house and light all the sage tins. leave the doors and windows closed up for at least 15 full minutes, more is better.
4- start lighting the sage in the back left corner of the house to the front door.
5- after you open the doors and windows sage each other and the animals.
6- put 1/2 filled jars of water in every single corner of your home.
(put the timer in your cell – to do this every  full moon.)
7- get your crystals , candles and loving items-pictures of family grand mom dad…. and create a sacred space. what ever gods or angels you like put them in that sacred space. then spend time there daily every single day. (if you are not used to candle burning- just buy  birthday candles because I want to you to sit in front of the candle until it burns itself out.  Then work your way up to  7 day candles. (No you do not have to sit all the time in front of a  7 day…if you must put it out  just  pinch it with your fingers  or  snuffer.)
8- now you are ready to focus and be still. Lite your white candle and focus on the flame.
stare into the flame and visualize yourself being in a white bubble, that is your protection for you  from others.  Please do this ONLY  for  5 min..set your  cellphone timers PLEASE.

**You don’t have to have that pretty shell you really  need to  have something to  protect your furniture from the heat of  the burning tabs. If you need me to purchase these items for you and have a  hour tutorial class, please look up and to our right and hit paypal DONATE and make a 55.00 donation. (That will get you a  nice starter package of goods you need to do this  particular project.)  We can get right now your healing and protecting flowing smoothly.

I want you to try sitting at your sacred space and close your eyes and pretend like you have a tail from your tail bone going 300 feet into the ground…to GROUND YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT. do this everyday as soon as you wake up and before bed.

Also, if you know of a person that is …I don’t know how to say it…weak or sick DO NOT GO NEAR THOSE least not for 13 days. do not go to hospitals or things of that nature no thrift stores..places like that. If you have to go to the store go when there are not many people here like midnight…or the like.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS  TO STAY IN BALANCE. You must let go of crap  in order not to have any  crap in your life.

There are tons of things to do  that can help you stay IN BALANCE, FEEL FREE TO  ASK and I’ll make a  vlog about it

While you on my site please feel free to leave a nice comment so  others can  know – I am worth my salt.  thank you !!! (Some humans need to hear form others, this was challenging for me  to  comprehend. I am trying to stay open, need a lil help from time to time.)

Do you need a little nudge in staying focused on goals and your spirit? 2 Minutes with Tash can help with that. If you just need a little  online admin help  feel free to let me assist you.

thank you  doggie  tasha harris


31AsSqsKhYL charcol tablets

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51Ti0VrppPL._SY355_ NATURAL incenses crystal kit by tasha harris All the stones you can get


To assist you in understanding all of this, please feel free to join in my  class that will be starting soon.  COURSE!!!



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