Tasha Harris has been busy healing and making jewlery

I hope you all are enjoying your day. Apologies for being gone so long, I have been a busy bee. For Sale folder.

Also making more spirit vids for the many requests I have been getting, thank God. Thee Angel Youtube channel. Please let me know if any of you here have a question or vid request.

Please feel free to join THE HEALERS CIRCLE. We have been doing some really deep healing and making changes in folks lives. (this is a private group so no public sees our discussions)

Let’s just dig into the planets energy. Moon light energy from Carol Barbeau… Saturday October 18, 2014 by admin on October 14, 2014 Saturday 10/18 at 6:10am Pdt the moon moves v/c and then at 4:08pm pdt the moon moves into Virgo and things calm down and we have a great 2 days of finding solutions and making things come together until Tuesday the 21st when the moon moves to LIBRA at 4:12am PDT and we have 2 dark of the moon wishing days with the moon asking us to find balance within and without: AND the issues of self vs. others becomes really powerful *************************************************************** Saturday October 18 THE MOOON IN LEO moves v/c t 6:10am until 4:08pm today and this is a GOOD V/C day so I would not hesitate to do things during this time: At 12:35am Saturn in Scorpio challenges the Leo moon and says, GET REAL, is this truly what you are here for? what you truly desire get into the feeling buddy , do not just SHINE yourself on with good words, IS THIS RIGHT for you? Then after that reality test we have a nice 2:13am aspect with Venus to help us decide and then 4:18am a nice MARS in Sagittarius aspect urging us to go with what FEELS right. 6:10am as the SUN and MOON IN LEO move v/c until 4:08am we are guided from a great Sun in Libra aspect and encouraged with love and gratitude to open to knowing what the next step should be My kiss for today is the best gift today would be gratitude’s for what you have, or even gratitude’s for what you DO NOT HAVE, that one can really make us think can’t it? – Color today Peach for your joy, Orange for creativity and Pink for love, a GREAT COLOR – Use JET or agate to ground you and center you and if you are locked and loaded and cannot get into being a bit more maneuverable



On Demand readings by e-mail. Thank you so many of you that choose to just pay your $10.00 and email me when you have one question you need a quick answer to. I am happy this works for you. if you need a longer session, I now have 2hr reading available for only $100.00 A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU TO TO THOSE OF YOU THAT MADE DONATIONS SO I CAN KEEP GIVING BACK VIA ANGEL RADIO…TY TY TY WHAT ELSE IS NEW? 3 CARD READING Not yet added to the site so I can give you all the first opportunity to get your readings in first. At first I wasn’t a fan of cards…yes, we must watch what we say.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new folder I have added to my face book page. When you need to just take a break but can’t get away, just click on the pic and you can HAVE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. ~~~

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