What is your spirit growth like now?

TASH BDAY 120142



This year I want to help you with all your  spirit goals.

Let’s start with knowing what you believe in already.

Next,  know I am not asking you to change that.

Now, know that everything i suggest always starts with a list.
I know, we are humans and lazy.  It is import to make lists  so ya know where ya left off.

Once you are accepting of lists, go get a new journal and pen or pencil.


Let’s just first off know that you have gifts,you have  a power inside you that you want to come out of you  to make your life better.

How will your personal life be better if you had the answers that you go to people like me to get?

How would you change once you know you can go  within and become a better human now that you can get answers for yourself/family?

Are you willing to invest in yourself in order to have those answers at your own finger tips?

Are you willing to learn how to stay in high vibration?

If there were little buddies to use to assist you in  keeping your energy high, would you?

For those of you that just need a little nudge, I have created 2 Minutes with Tash for you all.

OK, so now you are able to just sit for 5 minutes and get a clear decision, how would you feel, knowing you can see around the corner?


I can help you grow into your gifts.




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