Angel Radio

Let the radio world hear your powerful message.
Let me do the work for you as you do your talk show.
Sit back and send your message to the world with your perfectly timed message.

As you can see I love  being on Blog Talk Radio, I have been for many years.
I now hold shows for others for a tiny fee per show.

Please have a look at my page and see what you think.  Mind you on  “MY” shows I am very direct because that is how my guides work with me, very fast paced. You do your show your way and I will handle the controls so you have nothing  to think on but your word getting out there to the world.

  • ONE hour shows $15.00 schedule
  • TWO hour shows $25.00 schedule
  • Send me two professional pictures to add to the show announcement.
  • Prepare your shows  and be ready to go on 15 min before your show starts.
  • If you do You Tube videos, set up your cam (in your space) so you can record it to add to your playlists.
  • Log in to the show, and you can see the switchboard and chat room as I ask the callers  their names and have them lined up for you.(it will be on the screen for you to see the names and when you say their name I pick up that caller and you just  talk.)
  • You only need to read my message typed to you and go on talking.
  • If you do not allow questions/replies then you just call in and I will start the show.
  • Your show should be set up at least one week in advance if it fits in the schedule.
  • I take the snip of info from your sites.
  • I add your links and email so others can go back at anytime to find your info.
  • Your name/company will get picked up in the Google Search (and others) to help generate more business/clients.

Take a small peek at what things look like from my end.  BTR

My clients / affiliates are happy with my services and have their shows weekly.


Welcome to Path of the Spirit! I am so glad you took stop in to visit my little corner of the internet! Here is just a little about me.

My name is Lord Auriael.  I am a 3rd Degree High Priest of the Craft/Witch. I am a very skilled witch, psychic intuitive, and tarot reader. In my hometown of Proctor, Minnesota, I also teach the Craft to new students.

When I am not casting spells or mixing herbs, I am a 68W, Combat Medic for the MN Army National Guard. I have completed one tour overseas. Now being home I am working on my schooling. The big picture is to become a Physician’s Assistant. When I am not doing anyone of those things above I am helping heal others and giving insight into many new and older clients with my AFFORDABLE tarot card readings.

You can always find yourself at home here in my little corner of the internet. Grab one of those recliners over there, and sit back and relax. I am ready to assist you and serve you. A lot of the people that come to me are new witches and some of them are seasoned witches as well. I am ready to learn from you, just like you learn from me. Please feel free to leave comments in the forums and leave your insights. Remember however, this is a place for everyone, comments of degrading nature or intentionally destructive to the psyche of another will be deleted, and I will politely ask you ONCE to stop and to leave my site. Remember, What you send out comes back to you ten fold. So mote it be!


Ray DoctorHawk Hess
Ray DoctorHawk Hess

He is a wonderful spirit that will open our  eyes and hearts to new things we all would want to grow with.

He will go into other paths of belief systems  that we need to be educated on and I hope he will be back many times  to continue our lessons.



Nina Mansfield is the newest Thee Angel Network Affiliate.












What am I? I am what people call Psychic. I do not care for titles I am clearly just ME. I have a gift of premonition I have the gift to warn you of good and bad people entering your life. I have the gift to tell you if something is going to happen and the outcome of the situation.  As bad as it sounds. My gift is to heed you of something to come rather it be bad or good and give you the strength to over come it. My other gifts include knowing when Spirits are around or if they are in sight of my hearing, and cleansing your home of spirits. And leading them to the the light.

I have worked with Rev. Dr. Harris and Thee Angels Network for the past several months and have gained a large clientele due to being  exposed to this new avenue of doing my healings and readings.

It has been a  truly high vibration experience and I look forward to working with Thee Angel Network for many years to come. I know that this station will only spread love and joy to all who use it and hear it.

I look forward to meeting you all, perhaps in a HANGOUT or for a one on one session.

Please feel free to reach out to me for a reading, guidance or a reference on Thee Angels Network.











“Great Greetings Everyone. I am Empath Angie your spiritual angel into the world if insight, intuitive spiritual life coaching and divination. I am a hereditary Empath, psychic and witch at your service to provide spiritual wisdom and healing for any genre of life’s journeys. I am an expert tarot reader, rune reader, spell caster and intuitive life coach. I adore providing answers and insight to any and all who are interested in seeking spiritual insight and answers.

I have had the pleasure of working with THEE ANGELS NETWORK for many years now. I must say It is wonderful working with professional, courteous and enlightened people. They have helped my business grow by freeing up my time  and assisting me with my shows and also doing internet marketing for me.

You can find me for a reference or just  general intuitive chat on my Fan Page. Our if you hold an  account here please find me here.

Empth  Angie”