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Crystal Kits by Thee Angels Network CLEAR QUARTZ

Finding Zen in Clear Quartz BUT FIRST…..I am offering YOU all here  by one get one free jewelry.  I name everything  to make it easy for you to give me the even number of pieces you would like to buy. … Continue reading

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Are you listening to your spirit?

What do you believe? Do you think that when we give up on our goals and dreams, that makes us loosers? How  do you feel when you don’t follow through with things you say  you will do? Do you still … Continue reading

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Healing Crystal Kits

My guides gave the order to create these boxes and pouches of  beauty and healing. Happy I listen to my guides and teachers. Now have a peek at my great passion. EMAIL ME NOW  FOR YOURS ( I always post … Continue reading

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Walk Ins

Walk Ins What do you believe? Do you think that when we give up on our mission and want to go home EARLY, that we can just  …  check out? What then happens to our body? Does it just die … Continue reading

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He sings to be free !!!! What is the song you sing to have different and better in all areas of your life. Gonna keep this one  short with a video. Be good to yourself…then  perhaps  one you had ‘words’ … Continue reading

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Total Healing

Healing comes in many ways  🙂   I am happy that I have the gift of being able to help others heal. I must first be well and in balance myself, of course. I stay in high vibration with my … Continue reading

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Auralite23 for your healing

Auralite 23for your ultimate healing This is my video -sorry I was ill- and i have to tell you; after sleeping with my new crystal I did feel much better when I woke. ^-^ Thank you to Doug Schwarzenberger … Continue reading

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