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What is your purpose?

What is your reason for being?  Your life’s purpose? I was blessed to have a mom  that  taught us to know that I have a reason for choosing this life and everything I do in it. So I know beyond … Continue reading

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How do things look to you? Crone

Do you see beauty and wisdom or just an old hag? I hope you see the beautiful girl in those gorgeous eyes I sure do, but I to am older and I hope wiser now. When we look at things … Continue reading

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FullMoon Giveaway is here

For my previous subs please go to and  re-subscribe so i can collect better data on what you like to read and keep you better abreast of the next freebie.   HI HI HI  EVERYONE  THANK YOU FOR BEING … Continue reading

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EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY Are you workin’ your crystal grids?

    I FEEL  THERE IS A  REASON  FOR  EVERY LITTLE THING UNDER THE STARS.   So  you?   What  healing do you  believe in?           If you have any questions  on this or any  other  … Continue reading

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Using your gifts

      Many of us were not as fortunate as I, to have not one but three great teacher of metaphysics. My wonderful mother, her mother and my other grandmother. They all are/were great readers and healers in their … Continue reading

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Do you think all things are alive? Trees?

I do, so this tribute is to TREES   sit back  and  relax for 6 minutes ok?     down load this so you can see all the time…help  your  blood pressure  ya know?

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2 Minutes with Tash Let’s go to the pond

        Having a  good life requires  balance in all areas of your life. You see how happy this two minutes made you.  I see that smile on your face.   2 minutes with Tasha gives you  only … Continue reading

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Course – Angels Teachers & Guides

    Are you ready to be a more spiritually aware??? In this two month course you will learn: How to ‘tune in’. What is that Tash? How to meditate (SHORT) so you can then learn, to be still and … Continue reading

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