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  Though many roads lead to the Path, essentially there are only two: reason and practice. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT CHOICE!!!!! Choice is what makes us human. Choice is what makes us good or not as good spiritual being. Because we … Continue reading

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Clairvoyant Readings By Tasha Harris

How to get your clairvoyant reading from Tasha Harris Please keep an open  mind and heart. 1. PAY 2. Schedule- For a reading – email    with   date (1 week from  today).  Make your donation now and then tell email me  … Continue reading

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Spiritualism, The Basics – Protection and BEING STILL

I am a Healer,  Teacher, Medium, Witch, Dr. Of Metaphysical Sciences & soon to be Lucumi Priestess.  It is my purpose for being  – to  assist YOU in  following your  spirit path. To make this post easier to sink in, … Continue reading

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Full Moon, Tasha Harris, Classes and Crystals, do you use them?

“”According to the Kmtu Time Keepers, today marks the 1st day in the Moon/Month of Payni. This is indeed an auspicious day because a total lunar eclipse will reveal a ‘blood moon’ in night sky witch will run from 12:53 … Continue reading

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What are your top 5 crystals to program?

What are the 5 top crystals to program your wealth?* “Quartz crystal is the most frequent  partner. Most stones will work with you , but clear quartz is the  most versatile.”“Quartz crystal points, clusters and polished stones can be found … Continue reading

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Gratitude !!!

Healing is the name of the game….right? In that also come  being grateful for all we have or have been given. Many people get  free jewelry from me, as I love giving and putting a smile on all your faces. … Continue reading

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Update your Spirit Cyber Monday!!!!

  Finding Zen Hi << Test First Name >> Have you ever given much thought to changing your belief system?  NOT TRYING TO CONVERT YA!! Just giving you some thinking bubbles….to pop and let that spray of joy fill you … Continue reading

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Crystal Kits by Thee Angels Network CLEAR QUARTZ

Finding Zen in Clear Quartz BUT FIRST…..I am offering YOU all here  by one get one free jewelry.  I name everything  to make it easy for you to give me the even number of pieces you would like to buy. … Continue reading

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Gregory M. Scott Sr. Light Worker

      Gregory is currently the chair and founder of Light Giver International Association, a non-profit group that maintains a healing website ( He is also the founder of the Master Universal Healer program (, and accepts clients on … Continue reading

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Total Healing

Healing comes in many ways  🙂   I am happy that I have the gift of being able to help others heal. I must first be well and in balance myself, of course. I stay in high vibration with my … Continue reading

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