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Crystal Kits by Thee Angels Network CLEAR QUARTZ

Finding Zen in Clear Quartz BUT FIRST…..I am offering YOU all here  by one get one free jewelry.  I name everything  to make it easy for you to give me the even number of pieces you would like to buy. … Continue reading

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Are you listening to your spirit?

What do you believe? Do you think that when we give up on our goals and dreams, that makes us loosers? How  do you feel when you don’t follow through with things you say  you will do? Do you still … Continue reading

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Healing Crystal Kits

My guides gave the order to create these boxes and pouches of  beauty and healing. Happy I listen to my guides and teachers. Now have a peek at my great passion. EMAIL ME NOW  FOR YOURS ( I always post … Continue reading

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Empath – Protection is a must   In this video you will find  some helpful information on you protecting yourself. I wont say much this time, the video is self explanatory. Thank you   Tasha  

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What is your purpose?

What is your reason for being?  Your life’s purpose? I was blessed to have a mom  that  taught us to know that I have a reason for choosing this life and everything I do in it. So I know beyond … Continue reading

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How do things look to you? Crone

Do you see beauty and wisdom or just an old hag? I hope you see the beautiful girl in those gorgeous eyes I sure do, but I to am older and I hope wiser now. When we look at things … Continue reading

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FullMoon Giveaway is here

For my previous subs please go to and  re-subscribe so i can collect better data on what you like to read and keep you better abreast of the next freebie.   HI HI HI  EVERYONE  THANK YOU FOR BEING … Continue reading

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Angel Life Coaching – Love you Fix You Let it go !!!

For those of you that need just a little nudge once or twice a week and then  follow your dream to get you the rest of the way. (If you are not wiling to give your all, pls don’t join.) … Continue reading

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How I do some of my healings

I do healings how my guides tell me  per person. I have healed many, thought many  do not wish to discuss it publically. If you desire a  healing please feel free to email me.         … Continue reading

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What heals others may not heal you

I often get question on WELL  SO AND SO  SAID THIS HELPED HER FOR  XYZ AND IT DIDN’T  DO ANYTHING FOR ME WHY NOT?”   To this I say, what works for  most  doesn’t work for all.  Just like  some … Continue reading

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