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Zen Though many roads lead to the Path, essentially there are only two: reason and practice. To enter by reason means to realize the essence through instruction and to believe that all living things share the same true nature, which … Continue reading

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Prosperity Basket Project

  Yes another project in order to assist some in having a nice day. Simple right? What do you think? Are you wiling to assist or to  receive a  gift of love? Are you in need of some love? Do … Continue reading

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Spiritualism, The Basics – Protection and BEING STILL

I am a Healer,  Teacher, Medium, Witch, Dr. Of Metaphysical Sciences & soon to be Lucumi Priestess.  It is my purpose for being  – to  assist YOU in  following your  spirit path. To make this post easier to sink in, … Continue reading

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Update your Spirit Cyber Monday!!!!

  Finding Zen Hi << Test First Name >> Have you ever given much thought to changing your belief system?  NOT TRYING TO CONVERT YA!! Just giving you some thinking bubbles….to pop and let that spray of joy fill you … Continue reading

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What is your purpose?

What is your reason for being?  Your life’s purpose? I was blessed to have a mom  that  taught us to know that I have a reason for choosing this life and everything I do in it. So I know beyond … Continue reading

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I AM NOT WHAT YOU SAY I AM / Angels Teachers Guides Course

  Quite often people label us this or that.  They think we are  this or that. Why do you let them do that to you?   

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Angel Life Coaching – Love you Fix You Let it go !!!

For those of you that need just a little nudge once or twice a week and then  follow your dream to get you the rest of the way. (If you are not wiling to give your all, pls don’t join.) … Continue reading

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WHO ARE YOU? who do you claim yourself to be? Are you THAT? Debra Kilgore Roberts is.

    Debra Kilgore Roberts is one of the most fascinating, logical, balanced, spirit FILLED  women I know. I met her in Aug. of 2011 and tho in human time it seems only a few months, I know  we have … Continue reading

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TALK ABOUT A TESTIMONY….WOW this is so sweet ty Jeannie

      IYANLA VANZANT – HEALER   WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOU  TODAY?????? …..   Dear Tasha, Thank you. Without knowing it, you’ve supported my dreams and moved me into action. I cannot recall how I … Continue reading

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How to save time instead of letting it overwhelm you

    I know it’s challenging to stay focused, let alone focused on all the billion things you need to do in life and work, family, life’s challenges.  Let’s all choose to do better and do different things in life … Continue reading

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