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We are never alone

ARE YOU EVER ALONE? No, if  you believe in spiritualism, no. Spirit is energy. Energy never DIES. So, therefore it is true that we are never alone. Spirits are always walking, taking, trying to touch us and get our  attention.  … Continue reading

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Clairvoyant Readings By Tasha Harris

How to get your clairvoyant reading from Tasha Harris Please keep an open  mind and heart. 1. PAY 2. Schedule- For a reading – email    with   date (1 week from  today).  Make your donation now and then tell email me  … Continue reading

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We teach others how to treat us, right?

I hope you all  remember how  great and  truly  wonderful you are. Some man on FB assumed I had a low self esteem…this was my reply to him. I THINK YOU FORGOT WHO I AM…. I am MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER, … Continue reading

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Tasha Harris has been busy healing and making jewlery

I hope you all are enjoying your day. Apologies for being gone so long, I have been a busy bee. For Sale folder. Also making more spirit vids for the many requests I have been getting, thank God. Thee Angel … Continue reading

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Spiritualism, The Basics – Protection and BEING STILL

I am a Healer,  Teacher, Medium, Witch, Dr. Of Metaphysical Sciences & soon to be Lucumi Priestess.  It is my purpose for being  – to  assist YOU in  following your  spirit path. To make this post easier to sink in, … Continue reading

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Who got the free clairvoyant reading?

If you are not receiving this  thru  Mail Chimp…please  go now and  re  sub.  ty HI ALL  OK OK  SO  LET  JUST GET TO IT. FREE READING…WHO  WILL  WIN??? THE  ONE  THAT OPENS THIS  EMAIL OK   READ THE  BOTTOM  …  … Continue reading

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Are you in ZEN?

Zen Knowing that you have done all you can in order to accept and grow. To enter by reason means to realize the essence through instruction and to believe that all living things share the same true nature, which isn’t … Continue reading

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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards vs Tarot..?

Are Oracle and Tarot deks different? I asked my Spirit son Ryan Haugen.  This is  his wise answer.  What is yours?  (Please leave a comment on the site.) They are to a point. They still fall under the category of … Continue reading

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Guest Reader on my BTR Show – Triquetra Soul

Heads Up !!!! I wanted you all to be the first to know I will be starting my show again on BTR. It has been about a year since they put a price on their radio packages. So I look … Continue reading

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THAT ALSO INCLUDES   THEE ANGELS NETWORK AND  TASHASTOUCH HELAING JEWELRY.   The old number  was   408 217 8682   The  new  number  is  (408) 357-3885   You may  txt or  call this number.

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