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Who got the free clairvoyant reading?

If you are not receiving this  thru  Mail Chimp…please  go now and  re  sub.  ty HI ALL  OK OK  SO  LET  JUST GET TO IT. FREE READING…WHO  WILL  WIN??? THE  ONE  THAT OPENS THIS  EMAIL OK   READ THE  BOTTOM  …  … Continue reading

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Update your Spirit Cyber Monday!!!!

  Finding Zen Hi << Test First Name >> Have you ever given much thought to changing your belief system?  NOT TRYING TO CONVERT YA!! Just giving you some thinking bubbles….to pop and let that spray of joy fill you … Continue reading

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Are you listening to your spirit?

What do you believe? Do you think that when we give up on our goals and dreams, that makes us loosers? How  do you feel when you don’t follow through with things you say  you will do? Do you still … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts

Finding Zen       Many of us were not as fortunate as I, to have not one but three great teacher of metaphysics. My wonderful mother, her mother and my other grandmother. They all are/were great readers and healers … Continue reading

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How do things look to you? Crone

Do you see beauty and wisdom or just an old hag? I hope you see the beautiful girl in those gorgeous eyes I sure do, but I to am older and I hope wiser now. When we look at things … Continue reading

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Gregory M. Scott Sr. Light Worker

      Gregory is currently the chair and founder of Light Giver International Association, a non-profit group that maintains a healing website ( He is also the founder of the Master Universal Healer program (, and accepts clients on … Continue reading

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Auralite23 for your healing

Auralite 23for your ultimate healing This is my video -sorry I was ill- and i have to tell you; after sleeping with my new crystal I did feel much better when I woke. ^-^ Thank you to Doug Schwarzenberger … Continue reading

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Guest Reader on my BTR Show – Triquetra Soul

Heads Up !!!! I wanted you all to be the first to know I will be starting my show again on BTR. It has been about a year since they put a price on their radio packages. So I look … Continue reading

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I wake with the KNOWING- that today I will have what is mine by divine right. Then I will share that will others since I LOVE MYSELF enough to know – I do not have to be greedy or hoard … Continue reading

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I  can’t tell you just how rewarding it is to give  what I love creating. Now I know  you think I’m crazy and that’s ok I don’t have a problem with that. I am doing  what my spirit says to … Continue reading

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