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Shapes and meanings.  More Shapes and meanings.
Tumbled Pietersite - Tumbled Stones


Egg - Orange Aventurine Eggs

Aventurine Eggs


10pc. Chakra Coin Assortment
Chakra discs

Moldavite - (Thick)



Egg - Malachite Eggs Yoni Egg

Tumbled Grab Bag Assortment - Tumbled Stones
Grab Bag

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Points Hearts - Red Jasper Heart

Qaurtz                                                                                                Red Jasper

Lenses - Rutilated Quartz Crystal Lenses Crystal Skulls - Clear Quartz Specimen Skulls (Brazil)Wand - Thunder Bay Amethyst Massage WandsRutilated Quartz                         Clear Quartz Skull                     Auralite

Cube - Fluorite Cubes

Elestials - Clear Quartz Alligator (Jacare) Elestials (Brazil) Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Clusters Crystal Pendants - Scolecite
Clear Quartz Clusters                                                                      Scolecite

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Clusters

Lithium Quartz Double Terminated Points (Brazil)Lithium Quartz DT Points (Specimens) (Brazil)
Lithium Quartz DT Points

Lithium Quartz Points - Specimens
Lithium Quartz Points

Tumbled Copal Tumbled Amethyst (Dark Purple) - Tumbled StonesGallet - Amethyst Gallets (Madagascar)
Amber                                                  Amethyst

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Points w/Cut Base

Gallet - Amazonite Gallets (Madagascar)Tumbled Angelite (Anhydrite) - Tumbled StonesTumbled Antigorite - Tumbled Stones

Amazonite                                   Angelite                                   Tumbled Antigorite

Tower - Rose Quartz Crystal Towers (Brazil)
Tower – Rose Quartz Crystal Towers (Brazil)

Hearts - Rutilated Quartz Heart
Rutiliated Quartz


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