Learn to make our own simple grid / altar

Thank you for being here.  Pay your $25.00 / mo. for this first class and let’s get ready.  Then please sign up here.

We will be using simple items, that you can find around your home.


  • This will be a monthly  update. Each month is a different lesson.
  • It will contain all the information you need to know about your new grid.
  • The reasons for the herbs, crystals and other items, will be explained.
  • Learn the meanings of the shapes of your crystals & what they mean.
  • You will receive a video, so you can get and idea of how you could set up.
  • Lists of herbs and crystals with their properties.
  • Monthly gifts will be sent to add to your  altar.


Mind you they will be  simple altars,  in this course.
I will also send out some pictures of very elaborate that you could  create for your home.