Rituals Let me help you



RITUALS~ Let’s work together to get the job done

Let me help you work on all issues.

Rituals are important spirit work. The same as any or many types of spirit works.  One ingredient is just as important as the others on the table to bring about the true joy in the purpose of the altar/grid.

It takes at least 2 hours to set up your altar, then I do a full hour long  ritual. I bless the items and talk to them all. I tell them your purpose and what my energy needs them to do, on your  behalf.  The energy it takes to do all this work is  vast and taxing at times.


Each and every  crystal, paper, stone, herb, rock, statue, candles, besom, athame, chalice, and so on….has great and powerful meaning. Each item adds to the power in you- thru your  vibration- and through me to reach out to spirit and  ask for their assistance  on your  behalf.

Some altars are not so pretty, to be forewarned. If you need someone to stop bothering you I might need to buy a  cow tongue or a bird bone. These items  do not kill the animal. It is killed in a human way to use for others meals or found near death and put down quickly and all parts are used in a human way or for someone’s dinner.  “I” kill nothing in order to do my readings, healing, rituals.  That is against my beliefs.

Many bones are  found out in the country by my friends. They get boiled and blessed then prepared for different rituals. It is blessed by the  god/dess’ before I receive them.

The oils, I make or one in my coven.
The candles are hand made, just as everything I use in your ritual

Each one has its own meaning and purpose. Yours will only be for you and your purpose. No names will be given only, (sample)   LADY ‘A’  YOUR  GRID IS READY…on the  vid or  blog or post.

The energy and the supplies are the reason for the prices, which i feel are pretty fair. Others charge more than twice this amount.



Your altar is set up only for you with your purpose in mind.

I call on the spirits to give me the list of things I need in order to fulfill your purpose.

As I do not believe in hurting anyone I DO NOT DO THOSE TYPES OF WORKS AT ALL. I do protection work in that regard only.


  • You will receive pictures and a video upon completion.
  • You will receive updates until my works is complete
  • You will receive 7+ days of works on this single altar/grid
  • You will write a affirmation that I will put on the  altar/grid
  • You will feel your  question answered and the job being done
  • You will see your  altar/grid on Facebook or Youtube -not using your name
  • You will receive the meaning of the geometric layout/its purpose
  • You will receive a copy of the spells and words used in your  altar
  • You will receive a full copy of your video with any additions to it also


I WILL SEND YOU YOUR INFO AND WE WORK TOGETHER. Send me your address so I can send you some of the products for your ritual.

You will not get the one in these pics as this one belonged to many focused on one purpose.

In addition to the above –

Small $100.00 – 7 days of
steady  energy work once the grid is up and working.
Adding new herbs daily
Email me daily to let me know your progress
Blessing it daily


Medium $150.00 – 14 days

of steady  energy work once the grid is up and working.
Adding new herbs and blessings daily
Adding more oils that I made myself
Adding new words and energy to your altar
Email me daily to let me know your progress


Large $200.00 – 21 days

of steady  energy work once the grid is up and working.
My coven helps me tune in on your purpose. One of us stay up lighting candles
Adding new herbs, oils, blessings daily
Adding additional works as the candles melt, or energy dims down.
Adding on to the spell with words and energy
Email me daily to let me know your progress

open options, let me know your ideas. I am willing to work with you

What do you need assistance with?
love / money / health / boss / neighbor / car / home /?????

Our energies together can bring you the  bliss you need to have a  beautiful  full happy life.

If you need layaway, I’d be happy to work with you. I can send you a  invoice and you pay on it until it is paid in full and Ill get  started on your  ritual immediately.