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TashasTouch Jewelry give away

  fan page See you there this Friday.

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Therefore keeping others out of my energy, vampires. First in all situations you just  BE STILL.  focus on what you want to happen. Lets just take five minutes and put  some positive energy on yourself, then your loved ones in … Continue reading

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Finding YOU!!!

Finding Zen In this time for rush and trying to please others, what are you really doing to please YOU? Are you taking time to  STOP and hear you, hear your body,  HEAR YOUR SPIRIT say sit down and be … Continue reading

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Crystal Kits by Thee Angels Network CLEAR QUARTZ

Finding Zen in Clear Quartz BUT FIRST…..I am offering YOU all here  by one get one free jewelry.  I name everything  to make it easy for you to give me the even number of pieces you would like to buy. … Continue reading

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In keeping up with where people are and go to for  fun and information, much of my NEW ITEMS are on my face book fan page. This is out of respect to many from  youtube and face-book  that helped me … Continue reading

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2 Minutes with Tash Let’s go to the pond

        Having a  good life requires  balance in all areas of your life. You see how happy this two minutes made you.  I see that smile on your face.   2 minutes with Tasha gives you  only … Continue reading

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Crystal Healing with THEE ANGELS NETWORK

      There is energy. Point your in the way of healing and getting better.   tasha@theeangels.us

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    We all need a gentle  reminder to do things we often forget. Let me give you a gentle reminder to  stay on track of life’s goals. Let me remind you to STOP and be good to yourself.   … Continue reading

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Healing Circle of Thee Angels Network

Let’s all work together towards peace.   Join us to have better heal, a healthier mind and spirit.         send in your requests to Tasha@theeangels.us and pls make a love offering so the kids can get paid … Continue reading

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