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Spiritualism, The Basics – Protection and BEING STILL

I am a Healer,  Teacher, Medium, Witch, Dr. Of Metaphysical Sciences & soon to be Lucumi Priestess.  It is my purpose for being  – to  assist YOU in  following your  spirit path. To make this post easier to sink in, … Continue reading

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Taking the next step in a dream that came true

Remember how you felt when you got that favorite bike, car, motorcycle? Or when you got the car or graduation from college?   Well that is how I feel right now.  I have worked for the past 5 yrs building and getting better and better at  my  … Continue reading

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Super Healing Sale AAAKKKKK!!!! I’M EXCITED TO GIVE.

    OK OK OK  I  AM  HEARING YOU …   LOL   I know a lot of you are on a tight budget so i have lowered my prices and  having a  huge  sale.       Check it all … Continue reading

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Another great testimony

  Thank you Tara  it is always great to hear form  wonderful  and happy  customers.             To: tashaspeaks@gmail.com Subject: RE: THANK YOU Re: Payment received from   I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A BEAUTIFUL DAY … Continue reading

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