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Full Moon, Tasha Harris, Classes and Crystals, do you use them?

“”According to the Kmtu Time Keepers, today marks the 1st day in the Moon/Month of Payni. This is indeed an auspicious day because a total lunar eclipse will reveal a ‘blood moon’ in night sky witch will run from 12:53 … Continue reading

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What are your top 5 crystals to program?

What are the 5 top crystals to program your wealth?* “Quartz crystal is the most frequent  partner. Most stones will work with you , but clear quartz is the  most versatile.”“Quartz crystal points, clusters and polished stones can be found … Continue reading

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Gregory M. Scott Sr. Light Worker

      Gregory is currently the chair and founder of Light Giver International Association, a non-profit group that maintains a healing website (lightgivers.org). He is also the founder of the Master Universal Healer program (universalhealer.org), and accepts clients on … Continue reading

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Total Healing

Healing comes in many ways  🙂   I am happy that I have the gift of being able to help others heal. I must first be well and in balance myself, of course. I stay in high vibration with my … Continue reading

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Auralite23 for your healing

Auralite 23for your ultimate healing http://youtu.be/tcUxObMtJQE This is my video -sorry I was ill- and i have to tell you; after sleeping with my new crystal I did feel much better when I woke. ^-^ Thank you to Doug Schwarzenberger … Continue reading

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Testimonial – I am so so blessed to work with great people

THANK YOU T~  It is an honor to work with you. It is a pleasure to be a human telephone to serve and spread love. Tash     5-12-20113 Hey Miss Tasha! How have you been? You’re new place is … Continue reading

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I wake with the KNOWING- that today I will have what is mine by divine right. Then I will share that will others since I LOVE MYSELF enough to know – I do not have to be greedy or hoard … Continue reading

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I  can’t tell you just how rewarding it is to give  what I love creating. Now I know  you think I’m crazy and that’s ok I don’t have a problem with that. I am doing  what my spirit says to … Continue reading

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THAT ALSO INCLUDES   THEE ANGELS NETWORK AND  TASHASTOUCH HELAING JEWELRY.   The old number  was   408 217 8682   The  new  number  is  (408) 357-3885   You may  txt or  call this number.

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