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Walk-Ins – Is it possible to swap spirits?

Do you think that when we give up on our mission and want to go home EARLY, that we can just  …  check out? What then happens to our body? Does it just die off with our spirit? What are … Continue reading

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Clairvoyant Readings By Tasha Harris

How to get your clairvoyant reading from Tasha Harris Please keep an open  mind and heart. 1. PAY 2. Schedule- For a reading – email    with   date (1 week from  today).  Make your donation now and then tell email me  … Continue reading

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We teach others how to treat us, right?

I hope you all  remember how  great and  truly  wonderful you are. Some man on FB assumed I had a low self esteem…this was my reply to him. I THINK YOU FORGOT WHO I AM…. I am MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER, … Continue reading

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Prosperity Basket Project

  Yes another project in order to assist some in having a nice day. Simple right? What do you think? Are you wiling to assist or to  receive a  gift of love? Are you in need of some love? Do … Continue reading

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Finding YOU!!!

Finding Zen In this time for rush and trying to please others, what are you really doing to please YOU? Are you taking time to  STOP and hear you, hear your body,  HEAR YOUR SPIRIT say sit down and be … Continue reading

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What is your purpose?

What is your reason for being?  Your life’s purpose? I was blessed to have a mom  that  taught us to know that I have a reason for choosing this life and everything I do in it. So I know beyond … Continue reading

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I AM NOT WHAT YOU SAY I AM / Angels Teachers Guides Course

  Quite often people label us this or that.  They think we are  this or that. Why do you let them do that to you?             tasha@theeangels.us

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Angel Life Coaching – Love you Fix You Let it go !!!

For those of you that need just a little nudge once or twice a week and then  follow your dream to get you the rest of the way. (If you are not wiling to give your all, pls don’t join.) … Continue reading

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Peace…..take time to stop and see the rainbow

    This was the day I knew I had to buck up and  gather more  strength to move the last of my things from  the apt. I asked  source for the extra energy I needed to get thru  yet  … Continue reading

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Joseph Crawford Jewelry & Crystals aka Stardust2Earth

On behalf of one of my clients I do Virtual Admin work for.     A proud man that loves his wife and new born son, takes great pride in his hand wrapped hand picked crystals. Yes  he not only … Continue reading

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