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On this day know you are great

  In all things  that are made for us,  by us, with us. We create our own happiness and unhappiness. So why then would we be so afraid of things in our lives. Today let’s walk in faith and know … Continue reading

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We are never alone

ARE YOU EVER ALONE? No, if  you believe in spiritualism, no. Spirit is energy. Energy never DIES. So, therefore it is true that we are never alone. Spirits are always walking, taking, trying to touch us and get our  attention.  … Continue reading

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Tasha, How do you ‘see’ things in your readings?

I have been asked this many times. I now am able to better explain it- I hope. At some point in the reading you will ask a question and i will see this where usually a  name in  huge letters  … Continue reading

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Thank you for being here

I just wanted to take this time to say to you all, if you would take the time to RE subscribe, you will get  the weekly blog. I do and will post here as well, just not as often. Thank … Continue reading

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Walk-Ins – Is it possible to swap spirits?

Do you think that when we give up on our mission and want to go home EARLY, that we can just  …  check out? What then happens to our body? Does it just die off with our spirit? What are … Continue reading

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Clairvoyant Readings By Tasha Harris

How to get your clairvoyant reading from Tasha Harris Please keep an open  mind and heart. 1. PAY 2. Schedule- For a reading – email    with   date (1 week from  today).  Make your donation now and then tell email me  … Continue reading

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Zen Though many roads lead to the Path, essentially there are only two: reason and practice. To enter by reason means to realize the essence through instruction and to believe that all living things share the same true nature, which … Continue reading

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Prosperity Basket Project

  Yes another project in order to assist some in having a nice day. Simple right? What do you think? Are you wiling to assist or to  receive a  gift of love? Are you in need of some love? Do … Continue reading

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Healing Crystal Kits

My guides gave the order to create these boxes and pouches of  beauty and healing. Happy I listen to my guides and teachers. Now have a peek at my great passion. EMAIL ME NOW  FOR YOURS (tashaspeaks@gmail.com) I always post … Continue reading

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Crystal Healing using everything it takes to heal others

    BALANCE IS POSSIBLE IF YOU JUST ALLOW YOURSELF TO  ‘THINK’ THAT.         Many  young ones ask me the hows  whys  and  aren’t you embarrassed by  doing this  questions. I have not been  embarrassed to do … Continue reading

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