Helping other smile is so simple. It never requires anything you don’t already have.



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Tina Bailey

This is lovely what you offer here. Thank you for all the good that you do and share.


Ryan Morrigan ·

Been awhile since I came to visit the page! Great work Tasha Harris you inspire me EVERY DAY! After learning from you personally and professionally I know I am SUPER WITCH!





vanessa johnson

marie mulligan smoky quartz




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Tally yt 1.12

Anthony Jones~ FB

I received the package today. The piece Is beautiful and so are the extra goodies. I look forward to shopping with you again soon.

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From: Jovon Fields

Date: 7/1/2014 2:46:53 PM

To: Tasha Harris

I had met Tasha many years ago through her friendship with my brother. She always sounded so right on the money and I just loved her beautiful healing jewelry. I eventually befriended her as well. I had many talks with Tasha and used quite a bit of her jewelry . It really seemed to make a difference but I needed more. So I decided to take her class online to get to know my gifts I know I have. Empath, healer, and clairvoyant. I learned so much about myself and what I could do it was just fantastic. The practical application was immediate whether getting a chance to talk with my ancestor’s, Spirit guides or banishing an entity or demon everything she taught me truly changed my life and for the better. I know who I am and what I need, to do with my gift’s. Not being blind to it or fearful anymore opened up my whole world and now I am changing it everyday. Love you lady. Keep doing your awesome work.

Jovan Wilkins



ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby May 18, 2014 •   You talking others walk? 2/2
Good video Tasha… The people need to hear and know more about these concepts on money and energy. Time IS energy and although we give a lot of time (energy) for free but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with us asking for or even charging for the energy and time that we ‘spend’ delivering and producing something for the benefit of others. Its all apart of the natural balance of ‘giving and receiving’.


Thank you so much for taking the TIME. I appreciate you for saying that. Because I get many  males telling me, otherwise.  Thank Goddess I have my own mind. thank Goddess I have great  teachers LIKE YOU.  bless you my angel.


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Kankavi Kennels

Look…i got some goodies…yeeessss !!!

Thanks to Tasha Harris from tasha’s touch. Im telling you all…if you need healing and powerful healing kits go to tasha harris…. she is wonderfull… tell her your needs and she send you what you need. Fast and safe…



Estelle Loving Tasha you made it SO easy to just BE all my love GODDESS it was PERFECTION! I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity!!! That was an amazing game changing experience for me, the feedback is phenomenal!!! We are having a literal part in our secret group!!! YAY!!!! Loved it!

“Tasha u there.I am just realizing i am a living witness to one of your readings u once gave me..you told me i would get the job that was for me on August 27..my job with humana starts August 26..” Triquetra


Thank you Tara  it is always great to hear form  wonderful  and happy  customers.

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To: tashaspeaks@gmail.com

Subject: RE: THANK YOU Re: Payment received from


OF COURSE you can post my opinion on your website!

When the package came this morning and i opened it i yelled like a little kid opening gifts on xmas morning hahaha. The quality is sooo impressive Miss Tasha! The stones are larger than i expected and the wrap is SO uniquely beautiful you really put alot of passion and heart into each piece! I just can’t stop staring at them.

Also thank you so so much for those other two stones. Blue is my favorite color and i was in shock when  I opened the package to see a color similar to what i had painted my nails this morning!

You have now introduced me to my second favorite with Obsidian, i had never heard of it before!

They are exquisite!

I’ve attached some pictures of my order, thank you so much!

Hugs, Kisses and Love On Ya


This  is the other reason why I do  what I do….to  put smiles on  beautiful  peoples faces. It is a double blessing when you make one thing for a person and another wants it to.

So I had the pleasure of  making this piece for  Jennifer and I am so  overjoyed that she feels it  and she loves it.

There is almost no better feeling in the world  that knowing  people  get it….the  full affect of  HEALING. !!!

I cant put into exact words that I feel as I  create it  but I want the customer to always know how good I feel so I  record the process so you can hear what I am feeling and thinking as I go along the way of  creation.


THANK YOU JENNIFER  for this  divine  experience.

jennifer witchy necklace.

My Birthday gift from my husband. Handmade from Tasha Harris at Tasha’s Touch! I was supposed to video tape me opening the package but didn’t have anyone around at the time so we took a pic of me wearing it tonight! I LOVE it!! Thank You Tasha ??

Jennifer YES!!! VERY Happy!! This is GORGEOUS!!! And it “feels” VERY Healing to me-Very Sacred!





JENNIFER 2 BY TASHASTOUCH (4) JENNIFER 2 BY TASHASTOUCH (5) healing gems by tashastouch

healing gems by tashastouch (1) healing gems by tashastouch (2)

Back to the bench I go  to create more  greatness.


6 hrs ago now

Hi Tasha! I want to share with everyone about the Pink Rose Quartz ring that you made for me. The love that comes from the Rose Quartz is so strong. When I wear your ring the energy of self love is so strong, honestly. When I have to remove it, I know when I am not wearing it. I wear other stones on me, but yours is “the” best. Sending love. xoxo




A Youtube Watcher-

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Iyanla tasha harris mentor






Dear Tasha,

Thank you. Without knowing it, you’ve supported my dreams and moved me

into action. I cannot recall how I first ran across your videos on

Youtube, but I’m certainly glad I did. Somehow you’ve voiced exactly

what I’ve needed to hear or gave me a supportive invisible shoulder. I

don’t have a familial support network, and in many ways your encouraging

words of “go love yourself” and “I love you” have substituted for those missing links.

My husband and I started living our passion, thanks to a big push from you. We dreamed of starting a bakery, but it was never the right time, place, or moment to do so. We hit a crossroad and we bet it all and took a leap and moved from Illinois to North Carolina and put everything into our dream. Every last ounce of energy and dime. We opened a vegan bakery. We are still new (just opened in Jan.), and it is challenging, but we aren’t letting fear hold us back.

I wanted to write and say thank you. I hope you don’t find this note too odd…lol but I assume you might get this more often than one might think. Thank you for being an inspiring soul. Thank you for reaching out to another being, even ones you have no idea are listening. Thank you for sharing yourself and empowering others to move ahead.

I’d love to send you out a sweet package, so you let me know if you’d like one and where I can send it. I know you’ve cut back, but if yes, let me know what you like. You can check us out at iheartveg.com

Thank you, Tasha. I’m listening. May abundance be bound to you.

Much love from your friend,

Jeannie Striegel

PS: These are my favorite Tasha-isms

Do you pay my rent? I ain’t worried about you.

Don’t write to me about that.

No shame in my game.

Something all together other. <— I say this way too much now.

% % % % % % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Hazelmist123 has made a comment on Healing yourself form things like depression WITHIN REASON:

Tasha , I am watching this on 4/7/12,

Thank you so much I have been so ill for so long Doc say this Doc say that now I have a whole list of ills and they want to give me a pill for everything but, you taught me and gave me a wonderful gift Thank you I am going to do what you said and I am going to heal myself. Doctor are important but I need to for me .. love you Dawn